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Beat The Heat Victoria

Beat the Heat Tyrepower

Beat The Heat:
  • Beat the Heat Victoria is an initiative introduced by Victorian police to combat Illegal street racing and engage with youth via the common interest of motorsport. The police officers involved are off duty and give up an incredible amount of their time to work with youth of the community to encourage positive behavioral changes and community engagement amongst them.

  • These police officers attend many road accidents and are extremely passionate about “out of the box” police/community engagement to do their best at reducing road accidents. The volunteer police officers are attempting to break down the perceived barriers between young drivers and the authority figures of the police, by offering a safe and legal venue for them to bring their vehicles and keep the racing off the streets

  • These officers see it as their duty to give the youth an opportunity to reach out and have mentors within the police network and community. They are always trying to build relationships, trust and have a positive impact amongst these youths.

Why has Tyrepower Horsham got involved?

At Tyrepower Horsham we believe that Beat The Heat needs businesses and community support to continue to offer such an amazing program. It’s not by funded by Victoria Police so without sponsorship partners, Beat the Heat would not be able to offer the services it does.

Tyres & road safety are extremely important to Tyrepower as a whole and we feel that here at Tyrepower Horsham, we can do our bit to get behind the initiative and make a difference in our community. We will also create more awareness to road users about tyre safety through being a sponsor.

For more information on Beat the Heat Victoria visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Beat-the-Heat-Victoria-597613530330309/.

The Tyrepower Sponsored Drag Car WILL BE IN STORE AT Tyrepower Horsham THURSDAY 19TH OCTOBER from 9am - for more information visit our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1544762505611781/?hc_location=ufi


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